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Our team is here to help you regain yourself through our coaching sessions.

Bounce Back in Life With Our Coaching Services

Have you been feeling stuck in life lately? Perhaps you’re going through a challenging experience that you find hard to overcome? When situations get tough, know that you are not alone. At Conversations with Christina Coaching & Consultant, LLC we’re here to help you regain yourself through our proven system of coaching and mentoring. Learn more about our services by sending us a message.

Why Partner With Our Coaching Professional?

Our resident expert, Christina Blake, is passionate about providing helpful individual and group services. Her life experiences, not just her knowledge, inspire her to help people who are struggling with their self-worth, self-esteem, and identity. She is also an author and an influential speaker who encourages everyone to prioritize perseverance, endurance, love, compassion, and empathy in life.

Our Mission 

Conversations with Christina Coaching & Consultant, LLC’s mission is to provide individualized, support and compassionate services to those who are challenged with mental illness, substance use disorders, and personal development skills. Our staff believe in meeting everyone’s needs and help to provide healing spiritually, mentally, and physically. We strive to instill the tools needed to achieve and sustain long-term stability.

Our Vision

Conversations with Christina Coaching & Consultant, LLC believes anyone can achieve and sustain spiritual, mental, and physical stability. Conversations with Christina Coaching & Consultant is a community in which we thrive on providing services that will allow all our clients to achieve and live to their fullest potential.

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